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Thao’s Vietnamese Cafe

Enjoy the fresh and seductive flavours of genuine Vietnamese cuisine at Thao’s Vietnamese Café in Hervey Bay.

Influence from other cultures over hundreds of years have come together to produce what we know today as Vietnamese cuisine and now you can enjoy that cuisine at Thao’s Vietnamese Café.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Bahn Khot - Flour, coconut milk, green beans, pork, prawn and salad

While there are three distinct food areas in Vietnam the menu at Thao’s Café reflects the food of the South where Khmer and Thai influences are the strongest.

The Menu

Vietnamese Paw Paw Salad - paw paw, pork, prawn, carrot & Vietnamese mint

There are menu options that will appeal to every member of the family. Everything on the menu is cooked in house and prepared fresh every day.

The Cafe

Bún thịt nướng chả giò

Thao’s air-conditioned, family-friendly atmosphere caters for everyone from singles to couples, family groups, parties and functions.

Thao’s Vietnamese Café is open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday, and bookings are essential for large families and groups.

Thao's Vietnamese Cafe