Thao’s Is Closing – we are closing!
Our last night is the 30th August 2019!

Thao and I would like to let everyone know that we have decided that it’s time to move on in our life and focus on some new goals.We have really enjoyed starting the café from scratch and building it up to where it is now. The café has given us the opportunity to share Thao’s incredible cooking skills and her favourite Vietnamese cuisine with you and it has also given us the chance to meet some amazing people and great customers.But it’s time to move on and so the business has been sold and August 30 will be the last day that we will be open for business.

Thao and I would like to thank:
• Our wonderful staff – we couldn’t have achieved the level of success that we have today without them.
• Our suppliers who have continually provided us with the freshest of ingredients that have helped Thao bring out the wonderful flavours of Vietnamese cuisine
• Our amazing customers who come back week after week for lunch or dinner and who, in many cases, have become friends. We will miss you.

A new business will be opening in our place and we look forward to sampling their new menu.

Thao and I are not leaving the Bay so you will see us around and I’m sure that there will be some new project for us in the next few months.

I have no idea what that new project will be but we’re looking forward to new challenges and we hope to see you then.

Kind regards,

Thao & Kevin